Each project is as unique as the person imagining it. And so it should be if the ultimate design is to be a true expression of one’s character and lifestyle. So too, our working relationship is structured to meet your particular circumstance. In other words, I can help you as much or as little as you like.

For some clients, this can mean partnering across all stages of the renovation or interior design journey – architectural design and space planning, material selections, furnishing, and styling. Other clients seek guidance in one, or perhaps two, key areas.

No matter the degree of support you’re looking for, I invite you to contact me for an initial conversation. Without obligation, we can take some time to discuss your vision for the project and, if possible, tour the site together. From there, we can determine the ways in which I can be of most value to you.

Interior Design Renovations in Bath and Bristol

Hi I’m Bettina. Welcome.

When a space functions well and its style inspires us, it really supports and stimulates our wellbeing. We feel calmer, more creative, more ourselves. So how do we imagine and create such spaces? No matter how expansive or cosy our home, how generous or particular our budget?

This is where I can help. Efficiently. Effectively. I bring design skills and knowledge refined across 20 years of practice in America, Australia and the U.K. Initially working for an award-winning architectural firm, I then stepped out into private practice, specialising in residential renovation and furnishing projects. Across this time I’ve learnt the questions to ask, the principles to employ, the possibilities and the pitfalls… all of which serve to guide your decision making as we take your project forward.

The designs you see here are the result of personal conversation and happy collaboration between myself and my clients – designs that bring a felt sense of comfort and express the clients own unique character.

If you would like to discuss your own project with me, please be in contact.


Interior Design and House Renovations
in Bath, Bristol, the Cotswolds and South-West England.

International projects include America, Australia and Europe.

Specialising in interior design, house renovations and furnishings to create inspiring spaces that support wellbeing.

My extensive portfolio of interior design services are tailored to your specific requirements, delivering thoughtful design solutions that draw upon years of experience:

Space Planning & Renovations
A well-designed space is a joy to live in… and it begins with a well-designed plan.

I work with clients to create, evolve, plan and manage their renovation or interior design project. Projects can involve remodelling interiors, designing extensions, refurbishing homes. I draw on trusted partnership with local builders and architects at the right time, and project manage their contribution.

Informed by two decades of industry experience gained here and abroad, I help foresee in detail the decisions and opportunities that will make all the difference to your daily living. Building plans are tested and re-tested before work commences, meaning we maximise the liveability, functionality and style of your new space. Whilst always maintaining an eye on cost.

This comprehensive approach ensures we develop a space that is thoroughly thought through. Ultimately, improving the quality of the environment that you’ll appreciate for years to come, and saving the project time and money.

“My husband and I reached out to Bettina after struggling for weeks and weeks while trying to figure out the layout of the awkward second story of our fixer-upper house. Bettina swooped in and basically saved our whole project. She was responsive, patient, communicated well and came up with some pretty amazing plans for our space. She also worked well with our contractor and his staff. It was a joy to work with Bettina. Highly, highly recommended!” Krista Kitchen

Interior Design and Renovations in Bristol, Bath, Somerset and the Cotswolds

Furnishings & Styling
A space grows in character and comfort with the addition of beautiful furnishing and styling.

Whether renovating or refreshing, we will work to ensure that the story you tell in the decoration of your home is one that is true to you, your property, and the lifestyle you wish to create.

Schemes are developed to be interesting and cohesive, stretching beyond what’s simply on trend’. Whether classical, contemporary or vintage, we layer your existing possessions with newly sourced items. Selecting wisely for beauty and practicality.

“My first conversation with Bettina was when my husband and I had just purchased our dream home and it wasn’t so dreamy. Bettina entered our home and created a warm and inviting place for us to raise our family and share with our friends. Her ability to see the final project early on, before anyone else can, is remarkable. She has created a home for us like no one else’s. Her lovely personality made shopping trips and choosing everything we needed a joy. Our house would not be a home without her.” Jenna Goodman

Interior Design and Renovations in Bristol, Bath, Somerset and the Cotswolds

Finishes & Colour Selections
The materials, colours and textures that we surround ourselves with are the visual and tactile expression of a design – the felt experience – that lies at the heart of your vision.

Together, we collate a finishes palette that addresses the treatment of walls, floors, ceilings, joinery, fixtures, hardware, and decorative details.

Bespoke cabinetry, fire mantles, panelling and decorative elements are designed and specified to add to the functionality and character.

“When we sought professional help for our home which lacked a consistent style, feel and sense of completion, it was Bettina’s skills I was looking for: a quick and sharp sense of what we liked, what looked good and what worked. But it was Bettina’s personality which really made the job she did perfect: her talent for design and style is matched with her insight, sensitivity and warmth.” Andrew Albrecht

Interior Design and Renovations in Bristol, Bath, Somerset and the Cotswolds

Relocating to Bristol, Bath & Surrounding Areas
Relocating is a significant life experience. If it also means changing country and culture, then all the more so. Having changed continents twice in my life, I understand how new beginnings bring both anticipation, but also a sense of excitement and possibility.

I help individuals and families moving to Bristol, Bath and their surrounding areas, to think through how their ‘two worlds’ might come together in the design and styling of a new home. This work might begin in advance of the move, allowing time to renovate and/or redesign spaces, source furnishings, and if possible, commence styling. If moving from abroad, translators can be a welcome addition to the team as necessary.

By utilising my design expertise, along with my lived experience and local knowledge of the Bristol and Bath area, I’ll be working to make sure you arrive to a home that’s renovated, designed and styled just as you want it.

“I adore my house! Bettina has helped me create the best version of my style/lifestyle into a place that feels completely like me. The design plan we created gave me a confident direction to follow. I never want to leave this home, but if I do, Bettina is the interior designer I will trust to call.” Viktoria Brenner
Interior Design and Renovations in Bristol, Bath, Somerset and the Cotswoldsem>

Client Feedback
“Tackling major renovation and decorating is a daunting project…unless you know Bettina Archer. Her attention to detail is only one of her strengths. She will work to stay on your budget and find creative and tasteful ways to lower your overall expenses. Bettina listens to your direction and input on style preferences and executes them at a level that is even higher than your fantasy. She will work with your construction contractors to ensure that you are getting exactly what you requested, and she does it in a way that creates a desire on their side to not disappoint you or her. In the stress filled arena that renovation and decorating create, Bettina Archer brings a cheerful, positive, can do spirit, that makes you want to hire her again, and again.” Anthony Margolis

“We thought we knew what we wanted going into the project, but Bettina offered such great perspective and insight – it really opened our minds. My wife and I were at a standstill on the design for a home renovation. We contacted a few designers and decorators including Bettina. While the others’ ideas were very vanilla, Bettina captured everything we wanted and really understood the concepts we were going for. Our home turned out Spectacular! The layout of the renovation and the home furnishings Bettina chose were spot on.” Noah Goodman

Interior Design and Renovations in Bristol, Bath, Somerset and the Cotswolds


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