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This is our most elemental service, and so popular that it has its own category. Perfect for those wishing for professional advice without the investment of a full-blown refurbishment. We assist in rethinking and rearranging your existing furnishings, artwork and accessories.  Professional styling and decoration is available for home makeovers, airbnb/holiday rentals and the staging of homes prior to sale.


The One Day Makeover


Starting with old function and utility of the space play equal importance to the look and style.  Whether you are downsizing, upsizing or just want a fresh new reenergised feel.  We work with what you already have, regrouping furniture if needed, restyling and hanging pictures to give your space a new lease of life so it s more in line with how you want to live.  Suggestions for further improvements and additional assistance in organizing, de-cluttering, finding new pieces and even the sale and removal of unwanted items are optional extras we provide.


Airbnb and holiday rentals


If you really want to stand out from the crowd in the sea of short-term rentals, a well-designed space, demonstrating thoughtfulness in all its details, is priceless to the experience of your guests. With an understanding of what it means to be on both sides of the fence – as hosts and travellers – we thoroughly enjoy our part in creating a memorable experience for your guests so you can benefit in attracting the right clientele with the best of reviews.


Pre-sale real estate


If you want to style your home to maximum advantage using what you already own, we stage your property to be more desirable and memorable in today’s buying market. We focus on highlighting the favourable features to show off the potential of the house/apartment.  If you want to add/rent some ‘fill-in’ pieces to complete the look, we advise what makes the most prudent financial sense and can work with your real estate agent to create a checklist for enhancing pre-sale appeal.  Should you want help with painting or maintenance issues, we can provide that also.


Most projects start before construction is completed.  Each project offers something quite unique to the client. To be truly successful the overarching design intent is developed early to allow sufficient time for the details to be fleshed out, bringing clarity to the decision-making process. The look and feel of the residence takes shape through the phases of space planning, interior finish selections and final furnishings.


Space planning


Putting pencil to paper to evaluate how a property will function in more detail is invaluable for side stepping potential aggravation after the fact. Whether building new or undertaking a renovation, a conversation about how you want to live in the space — its layout, its flow and the various scenarios for furnishing arrangements — adds an extra level of due diligence.


Interior finish selections


Wall finishes, tiles, floors, benchtops, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry selections and paint colours are all required prior to occupancy. You may prefer to review samples that you or your architect has collated, or you may want to source new ideas and options. Cabinetry details, lighting, door and cabinet hardware can also be reviewed at this stage.




The largest category of all, furnishing encompasses all personal effects from furniture, window treatments, rugs, artwork and accessories. Each piece plays particular importance to the finished impact of a room.  Our aim is to help carve out the right ambience and level of comfort to support all the daily activities of the home.


To ensure the highest level of care and implementation for your project, we provide project management, documentation of orders, specifications and scheduling. We work to ensure that every piece is orchestrated to come together for a beautifully finished installation.